The unexpected cake

A lovely birthday

Today I was genuinely caught by surprise at work.

It’s quite a hard time at my work. If you know where I work you will understand this. Today was busy. Hectic, crazy, busy. Busy where you don’t have time for lunch, or where you eat something quickly in a meeting but then don’t remember that you actually ate five minutes later.

I was completely and utterly focussed on work. There was a meeting at 2pm. I was running late, maybe about ten minutes. Someone came around to my office to see if I was coming. “I’m coming!” I said, a bit too impatiently. “Hang on, I’ve just got to get the handouts I’ve sent to the printer.”

Rush around the corner and into the place where the meeting is.


Four excellent and kind colleagues. Hand-written (with excellent, architect handwriting) “Happy birthday Kate” sign on the cake. Chocolate brownie cake. Not huge fuss, but kindness. A brief moment of sitting and talking.

Am super-impressed that people remembered. Having a birthday that generally falls on a long weekend means I rarely have a work day birthday. No exception this year either, my birthday is tomorrow.

Did I mention the cake? I may have had three pieces. Yum.

Chocolate brownie cake if you don't mind. [NOT approved by Michelle Bridges or Sarah Wilson]

Chocolate brownie cake if you don’t mind. [NOT approved by Michelle Bridges or Sarah Wilson]


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