The birthday celebrations begin

A lovely birthday

So I’m having a significant-number birthday this year. I’m planning on having a series of events that I link to this fact, and then post about it here. My good friend Sarah turned 40 last year and decided to celebrate by having 40 high teas across the year, which she has then written about on her blog called Time for tea. I hope you also notice the age link in the title. She is a very fine, and witty woman! What I particularly love about Sarah’s blog is that it is a celebration of friendships, as well of interesting places. In addition, there is a review of the quality of the teas themselves. You can have a look at Sarah’s blog here:

I’m not going to limit myself to high teas, although these will definitely be part of the mix. The Festival of Kate’s Birthday 2014 is a bit self-indulgent, I grant you, but I hope to follow in Sarah’s footsteps and celebrate friendships. I hope that it will also provide good opportunity for me to practice the discipline of blogging.


One thought on “The birthday celebrations begin

  1. Love your first blog offerings Kate Taylor, looking forward to future installments. You have an awesome niece with an impressive impromptu inclination. Cheers

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