New haircut with a bit of colour!

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Last week I had my hair cut. I was starting to think the Hair Gods were against me, but now I think they planned it all along. I’m not especially good at hair maintenance, despite occasionally having the very best of intentions. Like most people I like to have good hair, but I’m not really someone who will commit to hairdresser maintenance monthly. Similarly, I’d rather have ten extra minutes (or more) in bed than be faffing around with gadgets and products. I ride my bike a lot as well, so helmut hair is a constant companion.

I had a hair cut at Christmas. A couple of months ago I was organised enough to book an appointment at my local salon in Seddon – Cocohoney. Timed to be near my birthday. Gold star me. Or so I thought!

The Saturday approached and unfortunately my hairdresser fell ill and had to cancel all her appointments. An appointment the following Saturday was offered, but I could not make this week due to my date with my nieces and the musical Wicked (see earlier post). The Saturday after that IS MY BIRTHDAY!

Could I be squeezed in anywhere, or did the hair gods really have it in for me?

We booked an appointment on Friday morning, but then a meeting arose that I really needed to attend. I urged them to let me know of any cancellations, and then on Wednesday afternoon I had the call – Thursday night was now free. Yay!

So the result is quite radical for me, I had quite a lot of length cut off, plus some colour. My hairdresser understands me and directs me towards things that will cope with my laziness on the upkeep front. However, my hair is not radical in a broader sense… the lovely apprentice at Cocohoney currently has bright green hair (a full head of it, not a conservative strip like me). Perhaps it’s baby steps for me, as I am also very new to the hair colour scene. The pink is considered semi-permanent, so probably will fade in about six weeks.

Sitting in the chair at Cocohoney Salon in Seddon

Sitting in the chair at Cocohoney Salon in Seddon

I’m really happy with it, and Greg got a bit sick of me saying ‘I’ve got pink in my hair’ across the rest of the weekend. I’m getting a range of reactions, mostly positive, at work and elswhere. Including one colleague (she knows who she is) that thought I looked a bit like Debra Harry from Blondie. That made me feel pretty good! I also keep forgetting I’ve had it, and am more aware of the length change. However, then people notice it and start focusing on the side of my head – I wonder I’ve got something on my shoulder. Then I remember… oh, the pink!

Back home after a quick bike ride, showing off the pretty pink strip

Back home after a quick bike ride, showing off the pretty pink strip


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