She’s super cool

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My family is quite talented and creative. Of course, I am biased, I recognise that.

My sister sent me a clip last night that she had made for my birthday with my other sister, my brother-in-law, and my four year old niece Juliette. Juliette answers a series of questions about me. She thinks I dress well, have a cool house, and that I do fun stuff with her. She thinks I’m cool, super cool!

I love the clip and the fact that they went to an effort to make it.

My sister noted that she ripped the photos in the clip off my Facebook page, a fact she noted, which may in fact be considered creepy. I don’t believe I have posted any creepy photos of myself, so all good on that front. A fun reminder of the sorts of photos I post though (I wonder what the selection says about me?)

My sisters – Liz and Sarah – and my brother-in-law Andrew are all very musical as well and can be seen about town playing as The Taylor Project. Here is a link to their website. They are way-cooler than me!

Last year Liz made me a list of things she thinks I am good at that was the same number as my age. That was an interesting list to receive because you don’t often say such things to people that you know. Good for the ego too, of course.

So there is a song in the clip that they have made me – a song with lyrics by Juliette. Juliette is also the vocalist. She is really cool!

The lyrics are fantastic. Conveniently the lyrics are provided so that one can sing along. I’m ‘super cool!’ And my ‘darkness isn’t mean’.

My parents will be relieved to hear the line about my ‘proper teeth’ as they paid the orthodontic fees for them when I was a teenager. Ha!

I just texted them all to say thank you for the birthday clip and to check if it’s okay to share the clip on social media (it is okay, by the way). Sarah said that Juliette ‘looks a bit mystified by the clip itself – presumably too grown up – but liked that you said you liked it’.

On that note, here it is:


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