A few frustrating glitches


I have been having significant technological challenges, which has made it pretty tricky to blog successfully. Combined with a short holiday (about which I hope soon to post) and work pressures, I haven’t successfully blogged for several weeks. This is very frustrating.

I actually have several part posts drafted, some multiple times. Firstly we have had a broken internet. If we spoke on the land line, the internet stopped working. If we were doing things on the internet, the phone was dodgy. If it rained, neither worked. Odd, but true. I can’t tell you the number of times I was part of the way through uploading a photo or a trying to save a draft blog when it all crashed, never to return.

Ultimately we managed to get a person out to look (with the threat of a large charge if it turned out the issue was ours and not their’s), and they did find something wrong with the infrastructure (i.e. THEIR issue, not ours – phew). So now if it rains I can still talk on the phone and have the computer connected to the internet.


Now our computer seems to be very unhappy. Whenever I try to do anything remotely useful and fun for my blog, it crashes. We think maybe it is to do with the RAM, as it very unhappy with photos and the switching between multiple applications. Hopefully we can sort this out soon too.

Oh the challenge of being a modern person hey!?

So you can expect some irregularly timed posts and a distinct absence of linear chronology in the order of posting. But I shall persevere!


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